Maple Creek Livestock Services offers Carcass Ultrasound, AI and Synchronization services, Livestock equipment for sale, Animal Health Products for sale in Illinois.  We have certified carcass ultrasound technicians available for your carcass scanning needs.   Maple Creek Livestock services offers Livestock and cattle handling equipment from Pearson livestock handling equipment, Easy way cattle care, Titan West, L-H Manufacturing and Farmers gate.  These companies offer chutes, alleyways, Mineral feeders, hay feeders, Creep feeders, Fly control products, feed bunks, gates, cattle and horse panels, Horse stalls, cattle corrals and other livestock and cattle working and facilities.  Maple Creek Livestock Services offers Animal Health products from Fastrack and Natural Solutions.  Natural Solutions offer all natural products for the health and performance of your show animals, equine and pets.  Fastrack offers  microbial products for beef and Dairy cattle, equine and pets.   Maple Creek also has an online classified listing for semen, embryos, cattle and used livestock and cattle handling  equipment.    We are located in Illinois.  Maple Creek Livestock offers carcass ultrasound services to Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio and Tennessee.  Maple Creek Livestock offers Artificial Insemination services.  Maple Creek Livestock offers Artificial Insemination and Synchronization services.  Maple Creek is now the distributor for Hay Master Injections systems for the states of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa and Wisconsin.  This concentrate is injected in to poor quality or old hay to add protein, vitamins, and Energy.  Most important your cattle will love it and will waste less hay.  Maple Creek  offers a full Line off livestock scales from Tru-Test and Gallagher.  The Tru-Test scales are able to be mounted under a chute or placed in an alleyway.    Tru-Test scales accurately weigh your livestock.   Maple Creek offers continuous fence from Titan West.  We also offer squeeze chutes from Pearson and Titan West.  
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