Tru-Test load bars are the best in the market.  Rugged, reliable and long lasting.  Made with aircraft grade aluminum with corrosion resistance.  Models available for permanent mount under chute or portable with platform.
Tru-Test platforms are made to last in the harshest environments.  These platforms are bolted together not welded for long lasting strength that wont crack.  They are light enough for one person to carry and come models for all sizes of livestock.
The XR3000 is fully EID capable.  Up to 50000 individual animal records.  Ability to record breed, sex, sire, dam, custom fields, statistics,  animal history tables, wight gain and predictions.  has on screen graphics, wight line graphs and user configurable reports.  plus many more features. The unit is also water and dust proof. 
The XR3000 Bluetooth has all the same features has the XR3000 with the added ability of wire free connection.  this unit is able to communicate multiple devices and one time such as the EID wand and your laptop.
The EziWeigh2 is the simplest indicator to use.  With features such as auto zero function, ensuring any accumulated dirt is not weighed. Hold function, retains displayed weight.  Internal rechargeable battery for portability that can also be ran from a 12-volt car batter or 230 V AC adaptor.