Cattle Handling Systems

  • Offer affordability and durability
  • Calving season conveience with Calving Pen and Calf Caddy
  • Portable corral panels and trailer
  • Loading chutes for portable or stationary applications
  • Twin Alley Transport allows you to travel with an entire chute system - set-up and ready to work in 10 minutes!
  • Working chutes available in Standard, Utility, or Combo designs
  • Hydraulice chutes also available

Bextra West Bale Feeder

  • Maximize feed dollars by minimizing feed loss and equipment cost
  • Convenient for all feeding applications
  • Great for adult and young cattle
  • Performs like a cone feeder - with less cost and product maintenance
O.K. Corral

Round Up Made Easy with Titan West's O.K. Corral

  • The center sort alley accommodates driving through with most full-sized pickups to coax animals into the corral from behind.
  • The most versatile, portable corral system on the market, the O.K. Corral is a single unit that eliminates the need for transporting and setting up individual panels.
  • A gooseneck hitch allows for maneuverability and easy transport at posted high-way speeds.
  • A durable, 12-inch I-beam frame and unique pivot hinges make the corral suitable for use on a variety of terrain, not just for level grades.
  • A unique front compartment, lined with Galvanneal sheeting, may be used to haul an ATV, livestock, or supplies.
  • Two, 24 ft., 7-bar, 1 1/2" square tube panels hinged to two, 18 ft., 7-bar, 1 1/2" square tube panels on each side of a center loadout alley, form two, single sorting pens. The two pens are separated by two 10 ft. sorting gates with spring loaded latches. Together, the two pens offer an 80 to 100 cow capacity.
  • When folded, the corral compares in size and weight to a 24 ft. stock trailer.
Continuous Fence

TWI continuous fence is one of the most unique, and one of the
strongest livestock fences on the market today.

Can be used for holding:
Cattle, Horses, Bison
Sheep, Hogs
Exotic animals

TWI continuous fence is economical, fast, and easy
to install. It will last a lifetime!

Can be used for:
--Team penning
Round Pens
Stall Runs
Feedlot Fencing
Crowding Alleys
Decorative Yard Fencing