Waste less Hay while adding Protein, Minerals, Vitamins and Energy
Inject and feed cornstalks, old, poor or good quality hay to improve cattle condition and save $$$$
According to U.S. Government research, 70% of all hay harvested for animal feed lacks the minimum nutrient and energy value to carry cattle through winter months.  Supplements are necessary, but inconvenient and expensive.  HayMaster Hay Bale Systems solves the problem with an innovative approach.  For years, many cattle producers have tried pouring supplements on bales or grinding them with expensive additives to increase the nutrient and energy or protein value of the hay.  These attempts were labor intensive, expensive and in some cases, dangerous. 

HayMaster Systems provide efficient and safe methods of injecting hay bales to increase nutrient value.  HayMaster concentrates can be injected using a convenient hand held sprayer or with a 3-point hitch mounted device.  Hay bales can be injected up to 30 days prior to feeding, allowing you to get more work done ahead of time.  Bales are ready to eat immediately following treatment or for even better saturation, allow treated bales to sit for several days prior to feeding. 

HayMaster concentrates have been formulated and designed by veterinarians and animal nutritionists.  Let us show you how you can change the cost of feeding and supplementing your cattle, and make your operation more profitable, while keeping your cattle healthy and performing well.  HayMaster products, one man and a tractor achieve enormous savings in time, labor and cost throughout the entire operation.
Bale Booster Concentrates available in 20% and 40% Protein
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