Maple Creek offers a variety of gates from Farmers Gate to accomodate your needs.  Gates are available in sizes from 4' to 20' in 2' intervals.  Custom sizes are also available.  You have a choice of 6 or 7 bar gates in Standard, Regular or Heavy duty design.   Galvanized gates are also available. 
6 or 7 Bar horse Corral Panels that measure 63 inches in height are available in lengths from 4 to 20 feet.  All panels come with the V-Latch Pin System that is quick and easy to connect and disconnect.  The latch virtually eleminates any gap between panels.
Maple Creek offers Walk Thru gates and Walk Thru panels from Farmers Gate.  These gates are 93" in overall height.  They come in lengths of 4' to 16'.  Walk Thru gates come with the V-latch system and are great to use with any corral or pen that you need to access. 
Hay feeders are available with an open or closed bottom system.   Horse and Long Horn cattle hay feeders are also available.  All feeders have looped legs that will prolong the life of the feeder.  Feeders are offered in the standard and heavy duty series. 
Heavy bunk feeders come in lengths of 5 or 10 feet.  Feeders are available in painted or galvanized.  All feeders have drain holes and support members under liners for stability. 
Calf Pass Thru panel and feeder panels are both available in lengths from 4' to 16'.  The Calf Pass Thru panel has a vertically adjusted bar to only allow your calves to pass through.  The Calf Pass Thru panel is only available in the heavy duty series.
Feeder Panels are availble in lengths of 4' to 16'.  A solid bottom and "S" bars reduce hay waste.  Horizontal location of the "S" bars can be altered upon request.  Drop in pin system provides quick and easy installation