Maple Creek Livestock Services offers carcass ultrasound services in Illinois and the midwest.  Maple Creek has certified carcass ultrasound technicans available for your carcass scanning needs.  Ultrasound technicians are CUP and UGC certified for beef carcass ultrasound.  Maple Creek Livestock offers carcass scanning services for all breeds of cattle.  Maple Creek Livestock offers carcass ultrasound in Indiana, carcass ultrasound in Kentucky, carcass ultrasound in Ohio, carcass ultrasound in Missouri, carcass ultrasound in Tennessee.
Benefits of Carcass Ultrasound

Sets your cattle apart

Improves EPD's in your herd by giving you higher accuracy and the ability to make better, more informed breeding decisions

Increases genetic information available to you and the breed association, helping to improve your herd and move the breed into the future

Sale ring advantage, giving you an edge to get the highest prices for your cattle

Allows you to give buyers the most information

Why choose Maple Creek?

At Maple Creek, we are dedicated to improving the livestock industry.  We strive to do our best to help you see the results you want from your cattle operation.

We are CUP and UGC certified ultrasound technicians qualified to work with all breeds of cattle. 

We use only the most advanced and up to date carcass ultrasound software, which gives us the ability to provide the fastest turn around time available.  Faster results mean you can make those critical production decisions when you need to. 

Maple Creek understands you need to make your operation as efficient and profitable as possible.  That’s why we offer extremely competitive prices.  We make every effort to provide you the highest quality service at the most affordable rates.  That’s something we are committed to and you won’t find anywhere else.

We welcome both large and small producers who are looking to improve their cattle through carcass ultrasound.  We can provide a squeeze chute and scales if necessary

Maple Creek Livestock Services has a certified ultrasound technician who will  come to your farm to collect carcass ultrasound data.  Data collected includes rump fat, ribeye size, back fat and marbling scores.  Cattle must be weighed within 7 days of scanning.  If a squeeze chute and or scales are not available Maple Creek can provide them for you.  We will travel anywhere in the continental US or you are welcome to bring your cattle to our facilities.  Give us a call or email to book your scan session today.  We will work with your schedule, weekday or weekend.  We look forward to working with you to make your cattle operation superior.
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